10 Black Friday shopping tips!


Here’s a few tips for your upcoming Black Friday shopping adventure!

– Start your shopping early. Many stores have started opening on Thanksgiving Day to begin their super sales. This has became known as “Grey Thursday”

– Set a budget. Even if you have to leave your credit cards at home and only bring the cash you plan to spend. This will rule out any temptations you might have to buy something you don’t really need.

– Be prepared. Plan your trip in advanced so you can hit up more stores. If you know exactly what you are getting you are likely to spend less than 1/4 of the time in each store than other shoppers.

– Check and compare prices online. I HIGHLY recommend that you do your research before making a purchase. I took back several gifts that I purchased in store because I found them online cheaper. Just because it’s labeled “Sale” does not mean that it’s the best deal out there.

– Make your shopping list in order of importance so you are sure to get those important items before moving on to the not so important.

– If you have small children it is best to leave them at home. This will help you get through the crowd of people faster.

– Skip the cart. Instead, use reusable bags so you can  move more freely through out the store.

– Bring a team so that you can knock out each store in record breaking time. Designate roles for each team member. Have a “driver” so that you will not have to search for a parking spot and you can be picked up at the door. Have a “cart pusher” that stays in the same spot for you to drop off items as you move to the other side of the store for the next deal. The more “shoppers” on your team the better! If you have 3 “shoppers” in the store you will be able to have bodies in 3 separate places at one time. This will allow you to be getting one deal while 2 other people are getting other deals for you and themselves.

– Dress appropriately. In layers, incase weather changes or the crowd produces too much heat. Wear “walking shoes”. Trust me….I made the mistake of wearing heals one year….like really….who does that??? Yap, this crazy Koupon Chick LoL! Oh and flip flops are a big No! No! You WILL get your toes stomped on and ran over.  

and last but certainly not least my favorite Black Friday tip….

– Purchase reduced priced gift cards from Raise.com to stack with your Black Friday purchases. This will save you an additional 5%-25% on top of your savings you are getting on the Black Friday sales.

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