Christmas on a budget


Christmas on a budget doesn’t have to be stressful.  It can actually be a lot of fun if you do it right.  

The “do it yourself” or “DIY’S” products are in right now, and if you look hard enough you can find ideas for EVERY type of person in your life!  You can find most of the supplies to make your “DIY” gifts and or decorations at the Dollar Tree or around your house.  

Get your kids, family and friends involved.  This year I am hosting a Christmas “DIY” party.  What an awesome excuse to get together with loved ones, have some fun, and get some Christmas gifts or decorations made!  This is also a good way to get some great ideas from other people who might be a little more creative than yourself.

Here’s a few of my favorite and affordable ideas to get you started!


  •  Snowmen:  Take an empty jar (I used jelly jars), spray paint white, and paint your snowman face.  Add a string of light between your snowmen putting some inside of the jar.  I also cute the bottom of a sock and placed it on the top of my snowmen for little hats instead of the lid. *Note* You can also make reindeer, santa or elves with your jars.
  • Ornaments:  Paint your lids from your snowmen jars any way you would like.  Use a knife to poke a hole at the top and thread with string.  Tie your string and place on tree.
  • Hubby have some wood slabs lying around?  Paint them!  As a Christmas photo prop last year I painted a small piece of wood with red paint “.25”  and a longer piece of wood with “hot chocolate”.  These turned out to be my favorite Christmas decorations!  Very vintage and look great with any theme.
  • Wreath:  Get a foam wreath ($1 at Dollar Tree), wrap it in tinsel or garland ($1 at Dollar Tree) and you are done.  You can also glue some decorations to spice it up some if you wanted.
  • Tree:  There is so many fun ways you can do a tree on the wall, latter trees, foam trees.  The options are endless.  I will let you do your research on this because I can’t pick just one to feature.

Gift Ideas

  •  Gift baskets!  You can make some incredible baskets for less than $10 with items from Dollar Tree.  Here’s what you do….pick a theme that you know the person you are gifting will love.  Some examples:  Spa, beauty, movies, family, car lover, chef ext.  Pick out your basket then find things matching your theme to stuff the basket full of.  Some helpful tips…..don’t be afraid to take things out of their original packaging to find a cuter way to display them or split it up between several baskets.
  • For the girly girls on your list you can make them some body scrub, lip scrub, bath bombs, or lotion bars.  You can also take short drinking glasses and customize by painting, adding glitter, name, or a special saying.  Add some vase filler and BOOM the perfect make up brush holder!
  • Everyone has a coffee lover on their list.  Dollar Tree has some plain white mugs for $1.  Customize it with your sharpies, bake at 350 degrees for 35 mins add some single serve packs of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.  Add a bow and you’ve got yourself a super cute and thoughtful gift.
  • Who doesn’t love sweets?  Bake up some Christmas goodness, decorate and put in a Christmas tin or box.  I do this every year for our trash men, post office, water company ext.  and everyone loves it.  No better way to say thank you than a tummy full of Christmas cookies.
  • Don’t have time to bake all those goodies?  No problem….you can find mini bags of cookie mix (makes 12 cookies), pour in a jar, add some red and green m&m’s, chocolate chips, crushed peppermint, mini marshmallows whatever extras you would like.  Add a tag with cooking directions tied with a lovely ribbon.  Simply, delicious, and so easy!
  • MEN!  Ugh.  Now they have to be the most difficult to DIY for.  One of my favorites and probably the most simple is customized coasters.  You can find small tiles for as little as like .30 at Home Depo.  Get 4 and print 4 photo’s of things he loves.  For my husband I would probably go with pictures of Harley’s.  Glue your pictures to your tiles with Mod Podge, let dry, add a layer of Mod Posh to the top of picture, let dry, glue some fabric to the bottom of your tile so it does not scratch up anything, and tie together with a ribbon.  He’ll love it.  

Even if you aren’t on a tight budget these are still some pretty awesome gifts.  The time and customize touches in your DIY gifts are sure to put on smile on anyones face.

Still having a hard time coming up with a gift for a certain kind of person?  Let me know and I will try to help.


10 Black Friday shopping tips!


Here’s a few tips for your upcoming Black Friday shopping adventure!

– Start your shopping early. Many stores have started opening on Thanksgiving Day to begin their super sales. This has became known as “Grey Thursday”

– Set a budget. Even if you have to leave your credit cards at home and only bring the cash you plan to spend. This will rule out any temptations you might have to buy something you don’t really need.

– Be prepared. Plan your trip in advanced so you can hit up more stores. If you know exactly what you are getting you are likely to spend less than 1/4 of the time in each store than other shoppers.

– Check and compare prices online. I HIGHLY recommend that you do your research before making a purchase. I took back several gifts that I purchased in store because I found them online cheaper. Just because it’s labeled “Sale” does not mean that it’s the best deal out there.

– Make your shopping list in order of importance so you are sure to get those important items before moving on to the not so important.

– If you have small children it is best to leave them at home. This will help you get through the crowd of people faster.

– Skip the cart. Instead, use reusable bags so you can  move more freely through out the store.

– Bring a team so that you can knock out each store in record breaking time. Designate roles for each team member. Have a “driver” so that you will not have to search for a parking spot and you can be picked up at the door. Have a “cart pusher” that stays in the same spot for you to drop off items as you move to the other side of the store for the next deal. The more “shoppers” on your team the better! If you have 3 “shoppers” in the store you will be able to have bodies in 3 separate places at one time. This will allow you to be getting one deal while 2 other people are getting other deals for you and themselves.

– Dress appropriately. In layers, incase weather changes or the crowd produces too much heat. Wear “walking shoes”. Trust me….I made the mistake of wearing heals one year….like really….who does that??? Yap, this crazy Koupon Chick LoL! Oh and flip flops are a big No! No! You WILL get your toes stomped on and ran over.  

and last but certainly not least my favorite Black Friday tip….

– Purchase reduced priced gift cards from to stack with your Black Friday purchases. This will save you an additional 5%-25% on top of your savings you are getting on the Black Friday sales.

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Guys, I am over the moon flippin excited about “Grey Thursday”, Black Friday 2016, and Cyber Monday.  This is when most people will start their Christmas shopping.  For the very first time I will be wrapping up my Christmas shopping after Cyber Monday.  I have taken full advantage of all the amazing clearance stores start having in July in preparation of making room for their NEW Christmas stock.

Many stores have started releasing their holiday catalogs such as Toys-R-Us, Dollar General, Kmart and even Bass Pro Shop.

Some stores have already announced that they will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving day to include:  Staples, Gamestop, HomeDepo, Nordstrom, and Costco’s.

Best Buy will offer FREE shipping SiteWide for the Holidays.  Stores will open at 5PM on Thanksgiving day and will close at 1AM.  No word on what time the will reopen for Black Friday.  Check out their list of 20 top tech gifts for 2016

Macy’s start time will be 5pm Thanksgiving Day.

Target has already started their Holiday FREE shipping on every purchases (No minimum) and Save 5% with a Target REDcard. On December 4th, guests will save 10% on Target GiftCards, and In Mid November $10 Off $50 on different product category each week. In December, $25 Off $100+Orders coupon.

Kohls – Opening at 6PM Thanksgiving Day.

Belk – 4PM Thanksgiving.

Walmarts ad is usually leaked the second week in November but my guess it November 9th.

Check out our Facebook page for Dollar Generals official Black Friday ad

Stay tuned for all the latest Black Friday updates.

Price Matching

Lets talk price matching guys!  walmart-always-low-prices-logo

Just the thought of trying to price match scares the willies out of some of us.  Being turned down and embarrassed somehow outweighs the savings we “might” or might not get.

BUT what if I told you that you could be saving hundreds ((not pennies)) just by price matching???  Would it become worth it then?

Well, did you know that per Walmarts price matching policies you, as the customer, are not required to even have the ad in your hands?  Of course always go in expecting them to verify ANY price match that you are trying to get.

Separate your items (I do my non price matches first and my price matches last) and let your cashier know before they ring the items up that you will be price matching “this” group of items.  Some cashiers will ask “do you have the ad?” if you do not simply tell them no but you can look it up on your phone for them if they’d like or you’d be happy to wait while they verify it. I personally have screen shots of ALL the ads or website items that are saved in my album so they are easily accessible.  Some will not accept a screen shot but a lot will and it helps both parties when you are organized and ready.

Of course you always run into those employees that have no clue what their price matching policies are.  This is when you want to follow the chain of command.  Cashier, CSM (customer service manager), store manager, general manager and then corporate.  Remember you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar!

I will leave you with what I believe to be the best advice in regards to price matching and couponing…….

Start out small…..this will give you the opportunity to get to know your story, the cashiers, and the managers.  By doing this you will build a trust with your cashier and csm’s that should help ensure smooth sailing when you start purchasing large hauls.

PS~  Most Targets, Lowes, HomeDepo’s, Babies-R-Us and Toys-R-Us will price match as well!


October Penny’s sale results

This shopping trip was what I called a HUGE success! We were in line when JCPenny’s open their door at 10 am and finally wrapped up our shopping around 8:30 pm. It was a very long and tiring day but I am now able to check off clothes on my Christmas list for my girls and was even able to get myself a few thing!

Retail: $588.40

Out of pocket: $27.88

FREE baby box

One of my all time favorite things…..sample boxes!  It’s a awesome way to try and review new products.

Walmart has launched their new “Baby Sample Box”.  It is free but you pay shipping ($5).  This would be a great gift to send to a expecting mom or to keep for your own little ones.

These boxes often come with coupons from the companies that are featured in the boxes.

Sample boxes typically do not last long so don’t hesitate!


Free money to stack with penny deals!

JCPenny’s cash, penny deals, and extreme price cuts.

October 21-23 JCPenny’s will be handing out Penny’s cash at every entrance of your store PLUS extreme mark downs and penny deals!  Wait…..WHAT????

Here’s how it works…..

Each entrance will have a Penny’s worker that will be handing out scratch off coupons!  Simply scratch off to see how much JCPenny’s cash you have to spend.  It’s that simple.  Will you receive $10 off your purchase of $10 or more, $20 off your purchase of $20 or more OR $100 off your purchase of $100 or more.????

Want to maximize the Penny’s cash you get?  No problem…..all you have to do is bring your spouse, teenage kids, mom, dad….whoever might share their coupon with you 😉

If you bring one other person and you both get only $10/$10 that is $20 in Penny’s cash you can stack with the penny deals and extreme price cuts you find in the store!   *Note you can only use 1 coupon per transaction so ring up separately!

Get there early because they can only hand out so many coupons a day and once they are gone they’re gone!  Don’t miss out on this deal!